Dynamicx Drums

Demo Sale

Black Swamp has a selection of demo Dynamicx Drums.

Special pricing below reflects 15% off normal dealer costs!

Email tchurch@blackswamp.com to order.

Discount available on these 6 drums only.

Additional cost for S/H.


These drums also feature our new ArchThrow!  Click the link below to view more details on this stylish, durable strainer.

5.5" x 14" BackBeat, Figured Anigre veneer
6.5" x 14" BackBeat, Zebrawood veneer
6.5" x14" BackBeat, special Chen Chen veneer

5.5" x 14" ply Maple

Ebony Veneer

model: DXBB5514-EB


6.5" x 14" ply Maple

Zebrawood Veneer

model: DXBB6514-ZW


6.5" x 14" ply Maple

special Chen Chen Veneer

model: DXBB6514-SP


5.5" BackBeat demo

6.5" BackBeat demo

5.5" x14" Unibody Ambrosia Maple
5" x 14" Medallion Brass

5.5" x 14" Unibody

Ambrosia Maple

model: DXL5514AMS


5" x 14" Medallion Brass

Patina Finish

model: DXL514MBS-PT


6.5" x 14" Unibody Cherry

6.5" x 14" Unibody


model: DXL6514CHS


5.5" Unibody Ambrosia Maple demo

6.5" Unibody Cherry demo

5" Medallion Brass demo

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