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Anthony Di Sanza Triangle Trigger

Designed in collaboration with Anthony Di Sanza, the DTT allows for exceptional triangle sound and performance using sticks, mallets, or hands.


The Di Sanza Triangle Trigger isn't meant to replace holding and striking the triangle in a traditional manner, but provides a solution to performance situations where time won't allow preferred playing techniques, such as musical theatre, multiple percussion repertoire, and limited personnel. 

Di Sanza Triangle Trigger
  • Play with fingers, sticks, or mallets. Single notes, fast rhythms, and rolls are all easy and natural feeling!

  • Vertical adjustment allows triangles up to 8 inches.

  • The beater is at a proper angle for full overtone response.

  • Easily move the triangle laterally to the left or right to position beater exactly where you need to.

  • The DTT mounts on cymbal stand topper or 3/8" standard knurled post.

  • 1/4" Spectrum beater is included, along with extra triangle mounting ties.

  • The unique beater swivel fits beaters with 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" diameter shafts.

  • Easily rotate the beater swivel to use the different beaters you mount.

  • The beater swivel and striking pad is fully adjustable.

  • (triangle not included)

Triangle Trigger 
model: TRITRIG

The DTT and accompanying Finger Cymbal mount are being discontinued. Retailer quantities are limited.

DTT Finger Cymbal Attachment


You know those gigs where you have just a few finger cymbal notes, but the contractor was too cheap to hire the right number of players? Here's your solution. You get a real finger cymbal sound that is easy to play with any implement you have in your hands at the moment.


(finger cymbals not included)

Finger Cymbal Attachment 

Setting up the Triangle Trigger

Using the Finger Cymbal Attachment

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