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Product Highlights

SoundArt Strainer

Pro10 Studio Strainer

3.5" x 13" Mercury Drums

4" x 14" Mercury Drums

Infiniti Snare System

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Pro10 & Concert Maple

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Multisonic Strainer

Updated Multisonic Configuration

BSP MultiLegs

BSP RecPlate

BSP Triangle Trigger

BSP OneMount

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Sound Samples

Multisonic Snare Options

Solid Shell Comparison

Shell Types & Sizes

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SoundArt Tambourines

Leggiero Tambourines

Legacy Bronze Triangles

Artisan Triangles

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Orchestral Session Samples

Snare Drum: Scheherezade

Triangle: Dvorak

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Tambourine: Carnival Overture

Castanets: Capriccio Espagnole

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