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Concert Toms

We designed our concert toms from the ground up as concert toms. The discriminating performer knows that the requirements of concert toms are different than that of a set of drumset toms. Our shell design functions to balance a full bodied sound and acoustic articulation within large and small performance spaces. 

Concert Tom Features

arch2 closeup_edited.jpg
Arch2 Lugs

Exclusive Arch2 lugs were designed specifically to match the unique look of our famous arch style tube lugs. The self-aligning tube receivers ensure easy and consistent tuning.

isomount closeup.jpg

Each tom is supplied with an isolation mounting system for freedom of movement and resonance, as well as increased sustain.

Maple Shells

5-ply Maple shells with custom bearing edges produce a warm and musical sound. (6" & 8" toms are 8 ply Maple) 

CTSTAND 1200px_edited.jpg
Tripod Stand

Toms are sold individually or in pairs. Each pair includes a double-braced tripod stand with ball joint arms and 1/2" posts.

Finish Options

Concert Black
Black Swamp Concert Toms, Concert Black Finish
Figured Anigre Veneer
Black Swamp Concert Toms, Figured Anigre Veneer

Concert Tom Models

Sets with Stand

Individual Drums
(diameter x height)