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Concert and Orchestral Snare Drums

Black Swamp Percussion has been making concert and orchestral snare drums for over 20 years. In fact, BSP is made up of trained and working musicians who take pride in crafting each and every drum by hand in our Holland, Michigan factory.

Our innovative designs have made Black Swamp concert and orchestral snare drums the most watched (and imitated) drums of the modern era. 

The Multisonic™ snare drums are world's most definitive orchestral drum. The 5-system Multisonic throwoff was the first of its kind in history, allowing the player to create combinations of snare types to dial in their personal voice.

Available in Unibody steam bent (various species), 7-ply Maple, and titanium shells. Go to Multisonic snare drums!

SoundArt 65x14 Concert Black - 2020 - 1200px.jpg

The SoundArt snare drums feature the industry's original integrated trio snare system. Coated cable, bare cable, and bare wire wound cable work seamlessly together to create smooth dynamic and timbral transitions throughout a massive dynamic response range.

Available in Unibody steam bent (various species), 7-ply Maple, and titanium shells. Go to Soundart snare drums!  


The Pro10 Studio features a snare unit that can be adjusted and locked at a slight angle, which produces progressively tensioned wires from the uncoated cable to the coated cable side. The easy hardware setup keeps curious fingers from mischief when the studio is unattended. 

The Pro10 Studio snare drum comes with a 9 ply maple shell, Arch lugs, and the RCK throwoff. Go to Pro10 Studio snare drums!  

Mercury 3513 Titanium 1200px.jpg

Speak with unparalleled clarity and articulation with our Mercury orchestral drums. Sized on the smaller end of things, we specifically designed these drums to not be a one-trick audition pony, but to perform righteously at auditions and paying gigs!

The Mercury series concert/orchestral drums come are available with 7-Ply Maple and Titanium shells. Go to Mercury snare drums!

Concert Maple snare drums may be our entry level concert drums in terms of price, but they are definitely not entry level in terms of sound. Each one is handmade by us in our shop, and uses our proprietary shell, hardware, and cable snare units. A true concert drum sound at an affordable price!

Concert Maple snare drums are available with 7-ply Maple shells in either Concert Black or Cherry Rosewood colors. Go to Concert Maple snare drums!


Our field drums come in the Symphonic Field Drum (with SoundArt snare system), or the Pro10 Field Drum. Utilizing a thin maple shell with reinforcement rings at the vintage style bearing edges, they kick out the punch and rumble of a traditional field drum sound.

Go to Symphonic Field Drums!

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