25th Anniversary

Limited Edition Products

BSP 25th_snare drum_WIX.jpg

Snare Drum

Engraved Medallion Brass

  • 5" x 14" Brass shell with Black Nickel finish

  • Hand engraved by Eric Sooy

  • Straight hoops with claws

  • Kangaroo head by Kentville Drums

  • Limited to 25 drums!

model: BSP25A-SD

BSP 25th_snare drum_close up_WIX.jpg
BSP 25th_snare drum_close up2_WIX.jpg


ProTAMB Progressive Tambourine

  • Solid Ash shell with Matte Grey finish

  • Progressive jingle configuration

  • Combines Leggiero and SoundArt jingles.

  • Graduating in articulation and timbre.

  • Limited to 50 tambourines!

model: BSP25A-TAMB

BSP 25th_triangles_WIX.jpg


ARCH Bronze Triangle

  • Patina Bronze finish

  • Arched sides

  • Lower fundamental compared to Legacy Bronze triangles

  • Available in 6" and 7" sizes

  • Limited to 50 of each!

models: BSP25A-TRI6 / BSP25A-TRI7

BSP 25th_triangles_close up2_WIX.jpg
BSP 25th_triangles_close up_WIX.jpg
BSP 25th_woodblocks_WIX.jpg


WALNUT Woodblocks

  • Locally Sourced Lumber 

  • Large, Medium, Small sizes

  • Limited to 50 of each!

models: BSP25A-WB1 / BSP25A-WB2

/ BSP25A-WB3
BSP 25th_woodblocks_close up2_WIX.jpg
BSP 25th_woodblocks_close up_WIX.jpg
25th Timpani Mallets_WIX.jpg

Timpani Mallets

DuoTone Mallets

  • Silver Carbon Fiber shafts

  • Two playing surfaces

  • Contrasting inner and outer felt materials

  • Limited to 50 pairs!

models: BSP25A-CF

25th Timpani Mallets_close up2_WIX.jpg
25th Timpani Mallets_close up_WIX.jpg

Contact your preferred Black Swamp retailer for specific pricing and availability for our 25th Anniversary products. Visit our dealer page to find the BSP retailer nearest you! 

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